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Get In The Hearing Loop!

The HLAA Chicago North Shore Chapter has engaged in advocacy to “Loop” churches, synagogues, libraries, and public buildings in the north and northwest suburbs. “Looping” involves the transmission of sound from a microphone through an electromagnetic installation around the perimeter of a room that will allow an individual with a hearing aid that has a telecoil (T-coil) to hear the sound directly in his or her hearing aid and/or Cochlear Implant (CI).

Current hearing loop successes by the members of the Chicago North Shore Chapter includes the following:

  • Winnetka Congregational Church

  • Saints Faith, Hope and Charity - Winnetka

  • Wilmette Library

  • Winnetka Library

  • Winnetka Village Hall

  • Our Lady of Perpetual Help - Glenview

  • Trinity Lutheran Church – Evanston

  • Village of Riverwoods Village Hall

  •  Glenview Public Library

For more information about hearing loops: toolkit

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