New Illinois Law requires Insurance Companies to offer coverage for Hearing Aids

The Illinois Legislature and Governor J. B. Pritzker recently enacted Public Act 101-0393 which requires Insurance Companies to provide insurance coverage for hearing aids as an option for an additional premium. This new law is effective January 1, 2020.  The Law requires that any individual or group policy of accident and health insurance or managed care plan, that is amended after the effective date shall offer, for an additional premium, optional coverage for hearing aids and related services for all individuals when a hearing professional prescribes a hearing aid. The coverage is subject to limits for the cost of a hearing aid and related services in the amount of $2,500, per hearing aid every 24 months

What you need to do now!

Because this insurance coverage is an option for an additional premium and available only after the effective date, January 1, 2020, you must request coverage for Hearing Aids and be willing to pay the additional premium.

You must contact your health insurance provider to request Hearing Aid coverage.

You should act now so that your health insurance provider is aware of your need for this optional Hearing Aid coverage when it becomes available.

Act Now!